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Automatic positioning function

deferent from that other similar products must locat at the same position,JZMV software can realize automatic positioning.although the keyboard position offset,JZMV can realize keyboard automatic optical inspection while other products can not do this。

Variety of template settings

In the template settings, the software designed a variety of auxiliary template production tools,Such as auto fill by color, press the screen automatically fill.Easy to operate more staff Faster production template.

High precision

Good optical path design, select high-precision camera, sophisticated and complex software algorithms,
Full keyboard field of view the highest accuracy can reach 0.1mm.The software's unique filter work.Can make the image more clear, improve the detection accuracy, but also reduce the false detection rate.
At the same time, for the detection accuracy, can be adjusted in the software, the customer can according to their own.The need to choose the most suitable for their own precision requirements.

Wide detection range

Using a variety of light sources, in the optical design is also carefully arranged, making the product can be
To cope with a variety of complex keyboard detection.Such as ordinary black and white matte keyboard, black high
Light keyboard, silver spray map keyboard, and a variety of color silk screen.

Intuitive error display

For the detection of the problem of the keyboard, you can clearly show the problem of the keyImage, the cause of the error, and with the correct picture contrast.And can be intuitive through the imageThe difference between the correct display and the error picture is convenient for the operator to use.

Simple operation interface

The software in the user interface design to streamline, so easy to understand, user-friendly learning to use.


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